Some Helpful Hints

We are using to broadcast out TV Show.

In order to view the show, there really is nothing you need to do except go to the Home page and press the big play button in the middle of your screen when it appears. When the big play button does appear it means Broadcast has started. Up till that time a fixed image of the show logo will be displayed.

Obviously the faster the computer and the more bandwidth you have the better experience you are going to get.

If you lose connection just try re-loading the page. That will re-institute the connection process.

If you prefer to watch the show from the Ustream site, press “Menu” and you will be given that choice.


Broadcast Schedule

Talk Royalty with His Highness
Join Ian on Tuesday February 24th, 8PM EST, 12AM GMT
Live Viewer Call-In tonight. Skype Ian at "IUCTVshow"

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